5 Reasons Why Blast Motion is a Great Baseball/Softball Tool

Blast Motion

The industry’s most accurate swing analyzer, integrated with automatic assessments, insights, player to coach communication, and information/player management tools. The Blast Motion swing analysis sensor, Power Sensor, and mobile apps have been specially designed to help players of all ages and skillsets understand the mechanics of their swings and learn how to hit with more power. The water proof sensor and bat attachment slips over the knob of any baseball or softball bat and have been designed to capture highly accurate swing metrics and analyze performance. By leveraging Blast Motion’s patented Smart Video Capture technology with a user’s smartphone camera, the Blast Baseball app intelligently combines and syncs swing metrics with video to create a powerful new swing analysis tool. The app automatically detects a player’s swing and clips the video to create a series of video highlights. No user editing or playback intervention is required to experience this groundbreaking functionality. The ultimate tool to elevate your game for your season.

Here are 5 reasons why Blast Motion should be in every baseball players’ bag:


1. Best Tool at the Best Price

Blast Motion comes in at the best price vs all other competitors — making Blast the go-to tool for swing analysis for the every day player and program. Get yours today using the 50% OFF CODE: 2DSPORTS

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2. Technology Used by the Best

Blast Motion is the official swing analyzer of 2Dsports Player Showcases. Blast is used for evaluation and player development, from the amateur level and all the way up to Major League Baseball. Blast Motion’s swing analyzer’s will be used at 2D Events to capture objective information on hitters to help provide us further context on the player to distribute to evaluators. Players will be using 2D’s Swing Analyzer’s on site, but here is a chance to purchase your own with a SPECIAL 2D PRICING. That way you can evaluate yourself and monitor your own development on your time. Not to mention, when you are attending a 2D Player Showcase, you will be receiving a FREE 30 DAY BLAST SUBSCRIPTION, giving you access to Blast Connect & the Blast baseball app starting the day of the event. 

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“Our entire team at Blast is excited to bring the benefits our showcase and event solution technology to 2DSports,” states Mike Woods, Vice President of Business Development & Strategic Partnerships. “2DSports continues to create great experiences for the players, coaches, and parents. Now, along with our player reports, this partnership will be providing objective, actionable feedback to the player: ensuring their path to improvement.”

3. Automatically Assess Every Swing

Analyze details of every hit ball with simple stats and graphs. Blast iQ automatically asses and scores every swing based on Plane, Connection, and Rotation (PCR) and how they correlate to Power, Contact, and Swing Consistency to provide you with actionable improvement insights. A simple green, yellow, or red visual indicators identifies your focus area, with drills and recommendations for improvement. Blast Baseball also provides , Peak Hand Speed, Attack Angle, Time to Contact, Power, On-Plane Efficiency, Early Connection, Connection (at impact), Rotational Acceleration, and Vertical Bat Angle.

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4. Instant Glance At Your Swing

Using your iPhone or iPad camera, you can capture and review information on your exit velocity and launch. Preview your previous results and view trends of your latest sessions with past results. Receive immediate feedback from your at-bats during travel baseball tournaments and baseball showcases. Through the power of Blast iQ, Blast Motion Baseball is able to combine pre and post impact swing analysis within the mobile app to provide Hitting Insights. New Blast swing visualizations will help you understand the relationship between cause and effect for a good or bad swing.



5. Powerful Reports for Teams & Individual Analysis

Coaches and organizations can easily review real-time feedback, analyze an individual player’s hitting trends, or manage an entire team using the Blast app’s objective swing stats, graphs, and reports. Mobile Video Analysis allows coaches to review and markup video to provide player’s with remote coaching feedback or assign workouts and drills for improvement. Coaches are also able to schedule practice drills and monitor practice reps and analytics all within the app. Track your players’ improvements and analyze their swings for further improvements. Players and Parents can receive tips and drills from expert hitting coaches and MLB players with the in-app training center that tailors recommended drills based on your PCR analytics. Improve where needed and fine tune your intangibles. The right tool to manage your travel baseball organization and prepare you for the 2021 amateur baseball season.

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