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With over 100 years of combined Baseball experience, our team is dedicated to creating the best event experience for Players, Coaches, College, Families, and Staff. Interested in joining 2D Sports? Interested in hosting a baseball or softball tournament? Check out the opportunities below.


Video Staff

Reliable personnel needed in the LA, AR, TN, MS, AL, FL areas for the upcoming 2021 season. Primary responsibility: capturing videos and stats at games in your corresponding region to use on the 2Dsports social media platforms.

Candidates must have a passion and strong understanding of baseball and/or softball and must be able to video, send, and track stats in real-time. Must be willing to travel short distances.


Interns will assist 2Dsports with various tasks set out by the staff, such as research, data capturing, social media posts, general administrative tasks, and working closely with different team members to learn more about the company.

Applicants must be enrolled in College or High School and embrace learning new tasks in a fast-paced environment,

Host a Tournament

Our team is actively seeking new partners to help grow 2Dsports to new areas and provide better showcase opportunities to players.

Candidates must have a strong reputation in the local baseball and softball community and be committed to providing the best experience possible for the players, coaches and families attending events.


Brandon Magierowski CEO / Founding Partner Shreveport, La
Ross Blankenship COO / Founding Partner Lake Charles, La
Jesse Cassard Youth Operations / Founding Partner Denham Springs, La
Mike Trahan Director / Founding Partner Sulphur, La
Ramsey Blankenship Director / Founding Partner Spring Valley, Ca
Kym Barthel Director of Marketing & Social Media Shreveport, La
Reece Aultman Assistant Marketing & Content Manager West Monroe, La
Thomas Tillery Director of Fall League Lafayette, La
Brad Book Director of Scout Games Lake Charles, La
Josh Martin Director of Collegiate League Denham Springs, La
Chad Catalano Tournament Director Hammond, LA
Joey Devillier Tournament Director Lake Charles, LA
Pat Hall Tournament Director Denham Springs, LA
James Murdock Tournament Director Memphis, TN
Taylor Love Red River Director Shreveport, LA
Bill Pearson Tournament Director West Monroe, LA
Kristy Saltaformaggio Director of Softball Denham Springs, La


In early 2008, Coach Ross Blankenship wanted to change the way baseball tournaments were ran. Every tournament he and his team attended was partially planned and poorly executed. There always seemed to be something that was overlooked. The most common mistake was scheduling. There were times when teams were scheduled to play two separate games at the same time, or play the same team every game, and the most common headache was having games scheduled across town, with no consideration of transit time between games. Scheduling wasn’t the only problem. If there was inclement weather, there was no back up plan. Safety was another concern. In Louisiana, during the middle of the summer, the humidity is high and the temperature is even higher. Ross noticed that most baseball tournaments were hosted on fields that had little coverage from the sun. Players had minimal access to water, spectators were left sitting on aluminum bleachers in the blistering heat, and the facilities were absolutely filthy. These were the things that needed to change, and Ross made it his mission to do so.

That year, Ross organized his first tournament; he focused heavily on 3 things – PreparationLogistics, and Safety. Ross sent invites to the top teams in the area. At the time, the only thing he wanted was for his team to play against the competition they deserved, on a well-maintained field, and free of scheduling errors. The feedback was phenomenal. Coaches appreciated the ease of a well thought out agenda, players loved playing in a college stadium, and the fans felt comfort knowing that the athletes had water jugs on the bench, covered dugouts, and access to clean restrooms.

The following season, Coach Blankenship received emails from dozens of teams requesting information regarding his baseball tournament. He hosted one baseball tournament every season for the next three years and focused on improving the tournament logistics and creating excitement amongst the players, coaches, and fans. In 2012 the tournament known as the Southwest Shootout (Louisiana) grew from a single baseball tournament to two tournaments due to the large amount of teams requesting to play.

By the end of the 2013 season, Ross gathered a following of coaches and players too large to facilitate alone and had turned away more teams than were allowed to play in his tournaments series. At the time, he was limited to two baseball tournaments a season. With the goal of hosting five tournaments in 2014, Ross joined forces with brother Ramsey Blankenship, and Brandon Magierowski. That year the Ammo Bats Tournament Series facilitated games at McNeese State UniversityUniversity of Louisiana-LafayetteSoutheastern UniversityLSU-Shreveport, and  Louisiana Tech.

Ramsey has 9 years of military experience in the United States Navy Special operations. Logistics and safety come second nature to him as he currently instructs classes of 30+ Navy recruits through US Navy Dive School in the Florida heat. Highly trained in heat stress prevention, Ramsey ensures that procedures are taken to keep player, umpire, and spectator heat stress symptoms to a minimum. Next on Ramsey’s list is customer satisfaction. He understands that parents of athletes are dedicated to supporting their favorite ballplayer by participating in every tournament. Concessions, entertainment, and tournament information are taken care of by Ramsey. He is committed to making sure that the fan experience is comfortable, entertaining, and hassle-free.

Brandon took over the logistics and scheduling portion of the tournament series. Utilizing his background in business administration, Brandon built a platform for coaches and fans to be able to access tournament information and updates from any mobile device. With the goal of simplicity, Brandon utilizes modern technology to ensure quick and effective communication regarding scores, ratings, as well as scheduling and venue changes. Brandon is also in charge of contingencies with scheduling; he knows that there needs to be a back up plan for the back up plan. Weather is the one thing that we have no control of, but quick shifts in scheduling and venues, clear and concise communications, and umpires on standby is the quickest way to get the games back on track.

The 2014 tournament series was such a success that the triad of professionals decided to make it a business. They had proven the ability to host multiple tournaments, at different locations, without overlooking the mistakes that commonly occur. In order to expand tournaments across the southern portion of the United States, former coach Mike Trahan joined the team. Trahan has played, coached, and scouted in roughly 2/3rds of the fifty states and knows what it takes to host a quality event that provides exposure for the athletes. Mike brings an extensive knowledge of recruiting, a strong collegiate network, and an undeniable passion for the game of baseball.

The most recent addition to the 2Dsports team is Baton Rouge native, Jesse Cassard. With his 15 years of head coaching and managerial experience, at both the High School level and National Level (with Team USA), Jesse has great vision for the future of 2Dsports events at both the high school and youth level. Cassard has lead the charge in the development of a youth baseball model that improve tournament offerings for the young players in Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas.

The combination of five professionals, and their attention to the detail, drew such a following that the tournament series had formed a Dynasty of coaches and athletes around the diamond, and so formed – Diamond Dynasty (2D) Sports.

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