Acadiana Alliance – Maximizing the 3 Acadiana Area Parks

Working Together to Bring Teams a Better Experience & Finding Events Transparent and Seamless.

Coming in 2023, the Acadiana Alliance will see for the first time 3 parks joining together to give youth travel baseball and softball teams the ultimate playing experience. Spearheaded by 2D Sports, Tony Robichaux Sports Complex (Crowley, LA), Broussard Sports Complex (Broussard, LA), & Youngsville Sports Complex (Youngsville, LA) Park Directors have come together to give teams the ultimate baseball & softball experience in 2023. “We want to fully utilize all 3 beautiful parks in the Acadiana area to elevate the level of play and experience for baseball and softball for all respected brands and facilities.” – Ross Blankenship, COO of 2D Sports.

The Schedule

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COMING SOON Detailed schedule of each age division’s location for 2D events in the Acadiana Alliance

The Parks

Tony Robichaux Sports Complex:

Located in Crowley, this park is home to 9 all-turf fields, including historic Miller Park. TRSC will be home to multiple 2D Youth Events throughout 2023 as well as FASA and PONY events.

“You get the small town charm with the convenience of bigger city complex when playing at Tony Robichaux Sports Complex. We have 9 all-turf fields with LED lights, but we still have walking tracks & shade trees. We’ve essentially built turf fields into our existing park. Also, our fields are a walking distance from our Main Street which has over 20 stores, and we’re located just 10 minutes off I-10.” – Peter Kirsch (Park Director at Tony Robichaux Sports Complex)



Broussard Sports Complex:

Just off US 90 south of Lafayette, this sports complex features 10 all-turf fields. The “RED” Pod includes fields for 11-14u teams, and the “BLUE” Pod hosts 7u-10u teams as well as softball events. Broussard will host multiple events in 2023: 2D Youth Baseball, Softball, & Select Series, 2D Coach Pitch and Youth World Series, LHSAA softball tournaments, PONY, & FASA events.

“We want to provide teams that play here an experience that’s second-to-none. All-turf fields, great staff, playground & splash pad for kids, and a full concession to provide a full experience for players, fans, and teams.” – Jamison Abshire (Park Director at Broussard Sports Complex)



Youngsville Sports Complex:

Located just south of Lafayette, this park is home to 9 all-turf fields. The “BIG” Pod includes 5 fields that provide portable fences to accommodate all baseball & softball dimensions whereas the “GEO” field features 4 softball fields. Youngsville will host 2D Youth Baseball, Softball & Select Series, 2D Youth World Series, FASA, PONY, & USSSA events in 2023.

“Together, as community leaders, we all strive to offer the best experience possible. Visiting teams can expect a first class experience from start to finish when visiting Youngsville Sports Complex for any event.” – Tim Robichaux (Park Director at Youngsville Sports Complex)

Facility Photo

The Why

We want to maximize the 3 beautiful parks in the Acadiana area. Between the 3 parks, there are a total of 28 fields and endless amounts of opportunities for athletes to play the game they love. With this, we want to provide the opportunity for both boys & girls to experience what each park has to offer throughout the season. Often times, softball is left out on playing on the turf fields, so we want the ladies to experience these facilities as well. And on the baseball side, certain companies have only hosted at certain venues. By partnering together, the Acadiana Alliance will all all teams and players the opportunities to play at each park in 2023.


On 2D Sports’ side, we want to change the culture of how teams schedule their events. In the Acadiana region, we will provide age group specific schedules that detail where that age group will be scheduled for a 2D event that weekend. This will help teams better plan ahead hotel room bookings, travel complications, and not having to wait until Wednesday to know when and where you are playing.

“From the complex side of things – we’re excited to allow teams to be able to schedule their tournaments well in advance. It’s difficult to find events 2-3 weeks out not knowing where you’re going to play. This Alliance will allow teams to find out where they want to play and with whom.” – Peter Kirsch (Tony Robichaux SC)

“This Alliance will take the pressure of each venue. Each park wanted to completely fill their fields but tournament sizes weren’t able to fill every field. Now, we are able to utilize every field by hosting baseball & softball at the same time so each park can utilize every field every weekend.” – Jamison Abshire (Broussard SC)

The Vision

The vision of the Acadiana Alliance is to bring unity to the respectable brands and the complexes. To be able able to do that, we have to think of the big picture. There is not enough travel baseball in Louisiana to fill all 3 parks each weekend. In years past, some pods sat empty while the other side of the complex hosted 20-30 teams on the weekend. After receiving feedback from the 3 facilities, we devised a plan for facilities to co-join events and separate pods into their own “complexes”, allowing multiple brands to host within one park so that these facilities can maximize teams and fans in their park each weekend.

“This has not happened in the 25+ years I’ve been in youth sports. The Alliance will bring high quality teams and strengthen our youth sports in our area and in the entire state.” – Jamison Abshire (Broussard SC)


“What a lot of people don’t know is the 3 complexes work behind the scenes to help each other out each weekend. Whether its equipment needs or facilities needs, we help each other out. Now to partner with Broussard & Youngsville, it’s phenomenal for our community.” – Peter Kirsch (Tony Robichaux SC)


“Our continued relationship with the other are facilities allows us the opportunity to work together to provide a better value to our citizens and visitors alike.” – Tim Robichaux (Youngsville SC)

How 2D is Helping Teams

We value feedback from our teams, and we want you to know that we are listening! With the Acadiana Alliance, teams are able to plan their 2023 2D schedule to play at all 3 premier baseball & softball parks in the Lafayette area. The Select Series and 2D Coach Pitch & Youth World Series will be hosted at Broussard & Youngsville as well as almost every weekend there will be a 2D Youth event at Tony Robichaux Sports Complex. Plan your schedule to play at all 3 parks – registration opening October 1 on our website!


Also, 2D Sports is proud to announce that in 2023 we are launching 2D Softball! Bringing the same style tournaments and social media to the softball side, we want to put an emphasis on softball teams playing on turf fields, just like baseball does.

The Acadiana Alliance has FOUR weekends with 2D Softball events:

  • March 18-19 @ Broussard & Youngsville
  • May 13-14 @ Broussard & Youngsville
  • May 26-28 @ Youngsville
  • June 10-11 @ Broussard

Registration for 2023 softball events will open October 1 – VIEW WEBSITE