Scout Games All-Tournament Team, Combine Invites, Road to the All-Star Game Continues.

Scout Games Week 4 battled the rain but had some exciting baseball in the Baton Rouge area. We enjoyed seeing talented teams & programs in Alex Box Stadium participating in our LSU Scout Games event, 2D Sports most highly scouted baseball events. 2D Identifiers were scoping out some of the top players. Here are the 2021 LSU All-Tournament Team Selections from this past weekend:


All-Tournament Team Selections:


Upperclass Division:

C Ty Rhoades | 3n2 Sticks National 2022

C Hunter Capunay | Cypress Crusaders

C Bennett Gibson | Baton Rouge Captains

OF Clark Jenkins | 3n2 Sticks National 2022

OF Brock Bearden | 3n2 Sticks American 2022

OF Grant Fitch | 3n2 Sticks American 2022

OF Andrew Landry | Impact 2022 – Beirgier

INF Cooper McClure | 3n2 Sticks National 2022

INF Patrick Engskov | 3n2 Sticks American 2022

INF Marcus Maire | Scorpions 17u Black

INF James Davenport | Scorpions 17u Black

UTL Parker McGill | Scorpions 17u Black

UTL Alex Trinh | Cypress Crusaders

P Jordan Kelly | 3n2 Sticks National 2022

P Aiden Reynolds | 3n2 Sticks American 2022

P Kam Koch | Baton Rouge Captains

P Carson Blakely | 3n2 Sticks National 2022

P Michael Lopez | Scorpions 17u Black

P Grant Morrison | Impact 2022 – Beirgier


Underclass Division:

C Dalen Blanchard | 3n2 Sticks National 2023

C Julian Garcia | Scorpions 16u Black

C Tyler Corzine | Limitless Academy

OF Tommy Mathay | Scorpions 16u Black

OF Luke Paxton | 3n2 Sticks National 2023

OF Kody Jackson | BPA – Louisiana

OF Bryson Pierce | BPA – Louisiana

INF Kade Hanks | Marucci Elite Texas – Hardin

INF Hudson Brignac | BPA – Louisiana

INF Aidan Mouton | Limitless Academy

INF Kyler Spencer | 3n2 Sticks National

INF Zachary Cline | Scorpions 16u Black

UTL Sammy York | Scorpions 16u Black

UTL Austin Anderson | BPA – Louisiana

UTL Austin Hardy | Scorpions 16u Black

P Hutch Grace | BPA – Louisiana

P Blake Dorwart | Scorpions 16u Black

P Madden Dillard | 3n2 Sticks National 2023

P Dylan Brunner | Scorpions 16u Black

P Ross Miller | Limitless Academy

P Jacob Czanstkowski | 3n2 Sticks National 2023




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September 11/12 @ Louisiana Tech University

Top 40 Players from the Scout Games Combine are selected to the ASG in 2021.


All-Tournament Team Players Receive an automatic Invite to participate. 100 Players in each age division will be apart of the combine fighting for 40 spots to play in the All-Start Game at Louisiana Tech September 11/12, 2021.


Invites Sent Out Weekly:

Invites will be sent out weekly to the Top Players in Scout Games and select 2D events as well as All-Tournament Team Selections. 

Scout Games Schedule:

Scout Games will be at Northwestern State and Univeristy of Memphis for the final weekend of the Scout Games for the 2021 summer season.

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