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Easley Baseball Club

Quality coaching & instruction is what every baseball player is looking for to improve their game so they can play at the next level. Easley Baseball Club prides themselves in providing  this service to their players year-round, and it is the backbone of their success.


Easley Baseball Club (EBC) is founded by Ed Easley, former MLB player and Mississippi State alum. Ed has grown Easley Baseball Club into a top tier travel baseball program in the south over the past few years, and he says the reason for their growth is quality coaching & instruction. In 2016 after Ed finished his 10-year professional playing career, he came back home [Olive Branch, MS] to host camps and clinics to build his client base in the area. In May 2017 he came together with a few friends to form Easley Baseball Club. They held their first tryouts that year as well as built a following on all social media platforms. Fast forward from there, they are now headed into their fourth year and continue to grow. EBC continues to grow each age group for their summer teams, host multiple training clinics each year with professional baseball players, and provide players with all the necessary tools to elevate their game. They also have recently branched into softball teams, Easley Softball Club.

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Easley Baseball Club is a travel baseball organization heavily located in the southeast. They are primarily based in North Mississippi, ranging as far south as Jackson and back up to Grenada, Tupelo, and the Oxford area. They are also very heavily based in the Memphis, TN area. EBC also extends out west into the Jonesboro, AR area. Easley Baseball Club averages 4 travel baseball teams per age group, ranging from 7-18u. They typically have 11-12 players per team. Heading into 2021, EBC will have about 525 players total in their organization and over 25 teams in high school and youth combined. They are gearing up for their biggest amateur baseball tournament season to date!

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Ed’s goal with Easley Baseball Club is to provide quality coaching and instruction to the surrounding area. Ed explains, “Quality coaching and quality instruction is what they will expect to receive year-round. “If you look across my field of travel baseball coaches and instructors, 90% of them have played college or pro baseball. They are fresh out of the game and experienced. I do understand a coach does not have to be a college or pro player to be a quality coach, but the #1 thing we pride ourselves in is quality coaching and quality instruction,” quotes Ed. Since 2017, Ed has seen wide success in moving on players to the next level. EBC has 80+ players that are either already committed or already playing their freshman/sophomore year of college baseball. He credits quality coaching & quality instruction to this wide success. 


Ed said nothing changes at Easley Baseball Club for the 2021 travel baseball season. EBC is continuing to grow each year without even trying to. “Every year we focus on getting each age division more competitive than the year before. We do not just worry just about our top teams, but also we provide good products from our tier 2/3/4 teams with quality coaching and instruction. You never know: a kid who is 13/14 years old and on a tier 3/4 team could easily be on a top tier player when he is 16/17/18 by developing through our program,” Ed commented. 

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Quality coaching and quality instruction. Those five words is what Ed Easley takes pride in and provides to every player who joins his organization. The effects of those five words have proven true this past season as EBC has cemented themselves as a top travel baseball organization in the southeast. During 2Dsports 2020 summer travel baseball season, the Easley Baseball Club organization bolstered an outstanding 172-105-7 record overall. EBC was led by two impressive 15u teams- Gentry (13-3) & Sing (8-0). Along with that was a powerful 14u Watson team who showcased a 8-1 record and 10.67 runs scored per game. For 16u, the Williams team showcased a 14-3 overall record while the 16u Foster team went 6-1 and only allowed 1.57 runs per game. 17u was led by a strong Mungle team, going 14-5 over the summer. EBC also had a very strong show of uncommitted talent at 2Dsports Player Showcases in 2020.

Easley Baseball Club has done an outstanding job with sending its players to the next level. Recent commits include Avery Robertson, Jarrett Martin, Brock Tapper and Top Uncommitted in Pierre Seals (2021), Will Norris (2021), Mari Boyd (2022), Luke Whaley (2022), and Ryan Bland (2023). We look forward to promoting all of Easley Baseball Club players throughout the upcoming year.


We look forward to covering more top programs in 2021!


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