Presenting the 2DYB Pre-Season Jamboree at the All Turf  Broussard Sports Complex in Broussard, La. The Jamboree format is designed as a Pre-Season warmup for all teams to see their teams live against other teams while taking off the pressure to win and putting the focus on getting your players ready for the season ahead. We want teams to know that they do not have to be game ready for the season and that this event is to help them get there. These games will be somewhat of controlled scrimmages with a live game feel. 

Assigned Venues:

  • 7u-14u- Broussard Sports Complex

Pre Season Jamboree Format: 

  • Teams will play 3 or 4 pool games– Max of 2 Saturday and 2 Sunday (These game times will be set when the schedule is released on Wednesday before the event)
  • Bracket Play– There will be NO Bracket Play games during Pre Season Jamboree events
  • Game times: 7u-8u (70 mins), 9u-14u (90 mins) or 6 innings
  • Max runs per inning- 7u-8u (7), 9u-14u (5) – After the Max runs have scored, the half inning will be over and the offensive team will switch to defense.
  • Pitcher Count- 2D Pitch count rules will apply 
  • Lineups– Teams are encouraged to play and hit all players during the Pre-Season Jamboree events (We will use the Free Sub rules)
  • Score- Games will not be scored or recorded on the 2D site as these games are pre-season games and will not affect a team's season record or points. 
  • Awards: NO Awards for Pre-Season Jamboree events

Tournament Format:

In this 3 or 4 game guarantee event; teams are required to pay umpires at the plate

 PAP- 7-8 ($40), 9-12 ($50), 13-14 ($60).

[CASHLESS GATE] Our new cashless system provides a more secure transaction and experience for both the customer and staff. The gate fees are $10/day, $5 Senior(65) & Military, 10u free + a ticketing fee of 5% + $0.99 cents per transaction; this fee covers the cost of the ticketing system provided by sLocal Tix. Tickets can be pre-purchased using the link above or at the gate. 

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