Is Twitter the Next Baseball Recruiting Platform?

Social Media is growing in the baseball industry.

Today, more coaches, players, and organizations are on social media. This has led to more recruiting, especially on the platform Twitter. Being active and engaging on Twitter can both allow players to be seen and see how they compare against competition around the country. Both High School and Travel Tournament Baseball are moving toward more player coverage. Having the ability to promote yourself on a platform such as Twitter is a great way to be seen by more than just the local coaches in your area. 

It will not replace the on-site recruiting of prospects, but it sure seems to be helping a lot of players get noticed.


Being on Twitter and having the ability to post videos and have people tag you increases your exposure by allowing you to share to a bigger audience and generate more videos. This means instead of your video getting lost in thousands of other videos, when people share a video of you, you can save them to your timeline as a way to help increase engagement and views as well as a place coaches find videos of you. Similarly, if you don’t have a Twitter account, there is no way to tag your “handle”; therefore, the video gets lost and coaches & programs have a hard time being able to follow you or even see your video. Without being able to save/share videos on your profile – exposure becomes less likely for the player. 

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Furthermore, with Dead Periods being extended, more coaches/programs are moving towards online recruitment to some extent to see if someone catches their eye. Also, coaches can sometimes respond quicker to Twitter DMs instead of returning phone calls or emails. Sure, just being on Twitter isn’t enough and likely not going to get you seen by the big D1 you’ve been waiting for, but being active on twitter sharing videos only helps your odds of being seen by a school that in any other circumstances wouldn’t be able to. Lastly, if a program comes across your name or sees you at a High School Game or Summer event, they will sometimes search you quickly on social media and check out your profile to get another glimpse of who you are. Remember, what you post, retweet, and like are all a DIRECT reflection of who you are in the scout’s perspective. Handle your social media responsively.

Videos Get more Views & Exposure

When players & organizations are active on social media, their videos trend more often, which leads to more views. For example, when 2Dsports posts a player’s video where the player is not tagged vs. tagged, this could be the difference of 500 views vs. possibly 5K-10K+ views. Simply having an account and sharing to your friends, teammates, and programs or enabling organizations to tag you like 2Dsports, or the ‘pioneers’ of social media player promotion Five Tool (See Twitter Profile), or other pop ups like @UncommittedBsb@JRudd_Scout and @PitchingNinja, allows your videos to reach more coaches / colleges.

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(Even though @2DsportsIL has hundreds of less followers than @2DsportsLA, this video performers much better.)

The Best Platform for Baseball

As the use of technology progresses, Twitter is becoming a baseball hub of content for players, coaches, and teams. We continue to see more player analytics, drills, event coverage, and more college recruiting. Whether you are trying to get more exposure for recruitment, learn in depth baseball information, trending drills, or just keeping up with your team/competition/or teammates, having a Twitter profile allows you to not only be involved, but also to share and learn from some of the best in the baseball industry. It also provides you with fun baseball entertainment from @MLB, @Starting9 @KingofJUCO, & @Cut4. Whatever your goalTwitter has a place for you. Being a good player will get your recruited in the end, but by using social media, it gives your recruiting process another avenue and access to a larger audience.


Twitter Tips for Baseball Players:

  • Be found easily – create an @ where coaches, programs, and organizations can find you; for example, @JohnDoe2022 or @John_Doe13, NOT @John12309123098902 or @baseballswag69.
  • Ask yourself – Does your twitter profile represent you well? 
  • Help Coaches and Organizations that are looking for you find your profile. Make your profile helpful: Add Grad year, High School/Summer Team, and State in Description
  • You are now ready to start engaging with college coaches. Remember don’t @ more than 1 college/coach in your videos! That’s like emailing 100 college coaches and them seeing every other school you sent it too. Good luck!

recruiting profile on Twitter


If you have questions or want help, DM us on Instagram/Twitter — @2D_sports. Players have the ability to send us DMs of videos we didn’t capture/practice videos that can be posted for exposure. Do what you can to make the most out of your own recruitment!


Tweet, tweet!