It all Started in 1966 for the Memphis Tigers

Memphis Tigers

Dating back to its creation in 1966, the Memphis Tigers have seen exponential success over the past 50+ years in the travel baseball tournament world. The success of their baseball program has paved the way for thousands of young baseball players to excel at the high school, college, and professional level. Throughout the years, over 600 players have committed to play at the next level and almost 100 player have been professional draft picks — 230+ college commits and 15+ MLB draftees since 2013.


For over five decades, the Memphis Tigers have flourished in the youth travel baseball realm from a depth of coaching talent comprised of former players and longtime coaches. The Tigers have enjoyed tremendous success since 1966 due to an unwavering commitment to developing youth baseball players by providing exceptional instruction and coaching necessary for them to reach their full potential. “The organization has thrived due in large part to the continued involvement of generations of Memphis Tigers alumni that remain passionate about our proud history and our continued success,” states Andy Cook, former Memphis Tigers player, coach, and now President of the organization. This success attracts top-level players in the area while maintaining a best-in-class brand recognized and respected by college coaches and professional scouts.

Memphis Tigers baseball team

With the Memphis Tigers roots grown deep in the Memphis, Tennessee area, it’s no wonder why they draw in some of the best talent from the surrounding area. “Tennessee has long been the hotbed of competitive baseball players from early ages through the high school level. Memphis area high school programs have had tremendous success in winning Tennessee state championships due in large part to the talented players developed and coach by youth travel baseball organizations such as the Memphis Tigers,” exclaims Connor Duncan, leader of Memphis Tigers’ efforts in identifying, attracting, and promoting talented players in the area. The Memphis Tigers showcase baseball teams’ range from 7u-18u and have no more than 2 teams per age group. They draw talent primarily from the Memphis area, but they also expand to Western Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi. Their training facility is located in Cordova, Tennessee.


Players and parents selected to join the Memphis Tigers can expect to receive high-level instruction and coaching while competing at the highest level for their age group. “Both players and parents can expect an honest assessment of the players current ability, areas for improvement and future projectability by an experienced staff compromised of former professional and college baseball players,” quotes Andy Cook. The Tigers core vision is to stay laser focused on providing high level coaching and instruction to a select group of players that possess the commitment and work ethic necessary to reach their full potential.

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The Memphis Tigers have succeeded at growing and having continual success on the baseball field since 1966, and that’s no exception during the 2020 season as the Memphis Tigers proved to be a top travel baseball program in the Southeast. During 2Dsports summer baseball tournaments, the Memphis Tigers organization went 97-44-1 and won multiple tournament championships.

Memphis Tigers continue to do an outstanding job sending its players to compete at the next level. Recent commits include Trenton Lyons and Logan Rushing. Some of the top Uncommitted players we are excited to see from the Tigers’ organization headed into 2021 are Bo Culver (2022), Christian Dunn (2022), Owen Geiger (2023), Holden Warmath (2023), Wesley Jones (2023), Jacob Sitton (2023), Jacob Lott (2023), and Ethan Melton (2023).


The Memphis Tigers have a rich history of success in travel baseball since 1966, and they continue to build on that success every year. We look forward to covering the Memphis Tigers players throughout the upcoming year during 2Dsports amateur baseball tournaments


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