Player Rankings | Top 10 – 2024

2Dsports is excited to unveil its first-ever state of Louisiana player rankings for the class of 2024!

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ICYMI – About Player Rankings:
When coming up with a list of the Top Ranked Players, Honorable Mentions, and Follows (Updated as they year goes on) we are taking into account every player in the State. We do not just promote players who just play in our events or attend our showcase, we are finding the top players statewide. We compile the list from discussions with coaches, scouts, in person events, and the widely used social media platforms. But of course nothing beats seeing players in person. We will continue update our list throughout the year.

2Dsports over the last two years has been attending many High School games throughout the state, been to every state championship tournaments game, and attended many Summer Tournaments/Showcases, and 2Dsports events. This is just the start.

It comes without saying that the more we see a player the more information we can collect and get a better grasp of where we see this player fit. But, a player wont move down a list simply because they aren’t attending more 2Dsports events or events we attend. Vise versa, a player who attends every event won’t move up a list for playing in more 2Dsports events. We are confident we can collect a lot of information in the state to fairly give our opinions on who we feel deserve to be at the top of the list.

Why jump into this new territory of Ranking Players? It’s good for the players, it will generate more discussion in the Louisiana Baseball Community, and will put more eyes on the tremendous talent we have in the state.

Will everyone agree this these rankings? Nope, never. Do we ever agree on rankings? It is subjective and we aren’t naive, but we expect the list at the end of the year come very close to any Professional Scouting List. At the end of the day, if you are on this list you are a very good player. Over the course of the year a lot can change.

We are excited to go above and beyond in covering the state of Louisiana in baseball. We look forward seeing all these great athletes as they embark on their college and professional journey.

Over the course of the next week we will continue to release our Top 10 Player Rankings in the 2023, 2024, 2025, and 2026 grad classes. We will start compiling a list for 2027 grads that will be released in the Fall of 2023. Along with the Top 10 we will release some honorable mentions and follows in no particular order. Our goal over the next year and beyond is to grow the Top 10 rankings to 20, 30, 40, etc. VIEW PREVIOUS ARTICLES

So… let’s continue!

Here are the Top 10 – 2024 Player Rankings.

1. Landon Victorian (LSU)

2. John Pearson (LSU)

3. Michael Ryan (LSU)

4. Hayden Federico (OLE MISS)

5. Grant Breaux (LSU)

6. William Schmidt (MS STATE)

7. Micah Wascom (USM)

8. Brant Melancon (SLU)

9. Giancarlo Arencibia (TULANE)

10. Ethan Judice (LATECH)

Honorable Mentions:
Grayden Harris (USM), Trey Hawsey (LATECH), Aidan Grab (ULL), Jackson Jandry (ULM), Trip Dobson (UH), Owen Galt (LSU)

Top Follows:
Jordan Luna, Jacob Galloway, Dylan Bell, Wes Carr, Landon Fontenot, Gabe Guidry, Mike Stephens, Zach White, Brennan Eager, Coleman Capaci, Diego Corrales, Kennedy Leggett, Zayne Landry, Dawson Simmons, Cam Cressend, Jake Rider, Layne Swanson, Jack Marcantel, Cole Connor, Mikey Wisner, Lawson Bourgeois, Austin Rylee, Bryce Fontenot, Christian Mouriz, Carter Hanberry, Cayden Arnold, Matt Warden, Cameron Patterson, Nik Toups, Wyatt Ford, Cameren Parks, Thomas Collins, Corey Cousin, Easton Romano, Ryder Molea, Carter Hurley, Grant Mathieu. (More names to be added soon!)

Notable Commits: Cooper Winchester (Airforce), Bryson Pierce (LATECH), Kason Bellard (ULL), Camden Sunstrom (USM), Brooks Wright (UH), Justin Domanio (SLU), Griffin Hebert (ULL), Wilton Taylor (ULL), Cole Simoneaux (NICHOLLS)

Upcoming Events for Louisiana Players:
2D Futures ID Combines (13/14u)
2D Futures (DATE TBD) 13/14u
Select 30 – Top Select Series Players – July 15/16
Southeast Cup – August 4-6 @USM (Represent Team Louisiana!)
All-Star Combine – August 12 @ Tulane
All-Star Combine – August 13 @ LaTech
All-Star Game – September 10 @ LaTech
Uncommitted Games – Fall 2023
Showcase Tour – Statewide all year
All-Star Combines Youth – Release Coming Soon (8-12u)

Next Up:
South Louisiana Winter Combine | January 22nd @ Live Oak HS